Nowy i samotny król 16-calowych kół z zawieszeniem już znaleziony?
BEGODE T4 - The world's first 16'' electric unicycle with suspension (10cm air dumping system)
Begode came up with new wheels with performance to match. The Begode T4 electric unicycle looks like a downsized version of the 134V Master, except with a 100V pack and a familiar high torque motor. Or in other words this is Begode RS HT with a 16x3" tire and with suspension.
When and where: We just received marketing materials about these new wheels, so we can offer you some details.
Shipping: Begode T4's hit the market within 1-1,5 months, Begode moves fast, they don't sell pictures and don't delay production for months and months.
Midsize Suspension wheel: Begode wheels are beasts in their own right, and this wheel looks promising for riders with smaller budgets than the owners of expensive long range performance wheels. With their design and production rate, let's hope they take their quality control up to competition standards.
Begode T4 Technical Specs:
Motors: 17" High torque motor
Rim: strengthened and widened rim
Battery: 100V 1800WH, 2 parallel 2 series back up
Motor Materials: Hollow motor, aluminum alloy shaft
Shock: 100mm effective shock absorber stroke
3rd generation high sensitivity adjustable damping air shock absorber
Strengthen the damping lever to adapt to high-strength off-road leap
Controller: Mainboard aluminum substrate stable and super heat dissipation
BMS: New generation BMS temperature and voltage alarm sensor
Accessories: adjustable angle of headlight, taillight, and mudguard
Trolley: middle hidden handle
Materials: Structural design of integral aluminum alloy and stainless steel
Modular: Simple appearance and flexible control
Seat: Comfortable large seat
Pads: Enhanced one-piece acceleration pad and jump pad
Performance and quality control Let's face it, this is a mix of Master and RS HT, many components and quality control standards fell short of making their latest launch an advancement in quality control. Performance has dropped our jaws, but quality control, we can beg them to do it better. Anyway T4 can be a new and alone king of 16" suspension wheels.

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